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Company Overview

Kanaech is a global corporation in Japan and owns a global supply system with manufacturing centers in Asia.


Kanaech India Pvt Limited is promoted by Unipres India Private Limited, Chennai and Kanae Kogyo Co Ltd, Japan for manufacture and supply metal stampings and assemblies. While Kanae Kogyo Co Ltd holds 51.00% of share capital of the company and the remaining 49.00% is held by Unipres India Private Limited
Unipres India Private Limited is a major tier –I supplier for sheet metal parts to Nissan Motor India Pvt Limited.


The Company envisages to set up facilities for the manufacture of child parts, which will be required by Unipres India Pvt Limited for manufacturing sheet metal components to be supplied to Nissan Motor India Pvt Limited. The proposed project will be implemented at a project cost of Rs. 8.40 crores and the same will be funded by the promoters contributions.


The Major raw materials for the manufacture of sheet metal parts are steel sheets of various automotive grades and coils, which will be procured globally. Chennai is well connected with rails, roads and also has harbor facilities. As such procuring material will not pose any problems for the company.


The process of manufacture of sheet metal components involves a series of operations on sheet metal in the press shop with the help of mechanical presses to attain the required shape. Subsequently, two or more components are welded together to form sub-assemblies and assemblies.
First, the steel sheets are sheared into optimum sized strips for the preparation of blanks, depending on the specifications of various components. The prepared strips/coils are loaded on the mechanical pressed of the required tonnage in the press shop and subjected to various operations like blanking, drawing, trimming, piercing, forming, bending, notching etc., with the help of dies designed for the purpose.


A) Unipres India Private Limited, Chennai ( 49 % )
B) Kanae Kogyo CO Ltd, Japan ( 51 % )
C) Management: The Company is being managed by the Board consisting of following directors

  1. Mr.Akira Tanaka -Managing Director
  2. Mr. Yukio Sei -Director
  3. Mr.Kunihiko Kobayashi  -Director