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Kanaech is a global corporation in Japan and owns a global supply system with manufacturing centers in Asia. Kanaech India Pvt Limited is promoted by Unipres India Private Limited, Chennai and Kanae Kogyo Co Ltd, Japan for manufacture and supply metal stampings and assemblies. While Kanae Kogyo Co Ltd holds 51.00% of share capital of the company and the remaining 49.00% is held by Unipres India Private Limited. Unipres India Private Limited is a major Tier –II supplier for sheet metal parts to Nissan Motor India Pvt Limited.Kanaech Kogyo Japan is a major vendor of sheet metal parts for Nissan Motor Co Limited, worldwide, The Other Customers of Kanae Kogyo Japan includes, Yamaha, Isuzu, and Honda etc. more


As a comprehensive manufacturer of press-formed automotive components, Kanaech India is involved in the design process of new vehicles from the planning stage and provides manufacturers with technology proposals that take into consideration all relevant issues. From design through development, prototyping, and mass production, Unipres covers every aspect of press technology engineering. This comprehensiveness is one of our greatest strengths. Environmental considerations have made it necessary to make lighter vehicles, while concerns about human safety have added the need to achieve greater strength in car bodies. To satisfy these conflicting requirements, high tensile strength steel sheet, which is both lighter and stronger than conventional steel sheet, is coming into increasing use, and Unipres is exploring new dimensions in press technologies development. Using state-of-the-art technologies, Unipres will continue to support the development of the automotive industry in the 21st century.

Kanaech India Pvt Ltd is committed to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of Quality, Cost & Delivery through continual improvement of processes, systems and development of employees.
  In order to achieve the above Quality Policy, the following objectives have been defined:
  • Supply quality products on time every time to satisfy customer requirement
  • Continually improve processes and systems
  • Enhance employee’s competence by imparting training

Kanaech IndiaStrengths

Quality Parts

Kanaech India Intends To Make Every Possible Effort To Reach Out On A Global Scale To All Regional Societies And Peoples And Create A Name For Ourselves In Pres And (Spot) Weld Technologies In The Metal Forming Field Guided By The Vision Of Our Management

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KIP TechnicalStrength

Every Step Is Shaped By Kps (Kanaech Production System) Activities Founded On Our Motto, “Commitment To Manufacturing Quality Products.”
Production, Development, And Quality & Management Divisions Work Together To Raise Productivity And Added-Value, Based On Kps Activities.

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Production Technologies

Production Technology Is The Key To Highly Efficient, High-Quality Mass Production Of Compelling Products At Plants Around The World.
Our Highly Advanced Technology Is Achieved, Through Our Motto, `` Commitment To Manufacturing Quality Products,`` And By Merging Our Own Unique Press And Assembly Technologies With Digital Technology In All Processes From Development To Production.

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Our Global Customers